Spray Tanning

Spray tans are the best thing to give a bit of colour confidence, enhancing your colour leaving you with radiance that will last for days.
We  recommend our spray tanning specialists to apply your spray tan to ensure for the best results, we use a natural based products designed to prevent any mishaps. So for a bronzed tan for any occasion try SUNFX , TECHNO or FAKE BAKE Spray Tan.

Original Spray Tan
5 – 7 hours or overnight developing$30.00
Rapid and Flash Tan
2 hours developing max 4 hours$40.00

Student Spray Tan $10 OFF any Spray Tan


The Brazilian Hut stocks a range of 11 different SUNFX spray tanning solutions to ensure there is a shade for every client’s needs. Wear our rapid 2 hours solution or 5 – 7 hours solution for an amazing natural looking tan that develops perfectly for the next day wear.

Level One: This level produces a gorgeous natural tan on virtually all skin types

Level Two: All the benefits of our Level One solution but with a 40% increase in the active ingredients.

Level Three: Formulated for those with Olive skin types who prefer that much sought after richer, darker tan.


Delivering a natural looking golden Tan
Perfect for naturally fairer completion and light hair tones
Caribbean Chocolate
Produces a rich dark chocolate tan that retains an incredibly natural looking tan
Rapid Original or Caribbean Chocolate 2 Hours Tan
Same amazing colours as our 5 -8 hours Tan with a fasting developing agent.Will create a fast and gorgeous looking tan from just 2 hours or leave on longer for an even darker looking tan


Leave the product on for only 1 hours resulting in a perfect medium tan for next day


Wash And Wear 2hr Flash Tan
This Spray tan is fantastic for those on the run and need to Tanned and ready in 2 hours.
TechnoTan 2hr Flash Solution keeps developing, even if washed off after 2 hours.
Bio Tan
Containing ingredients known for their anti-aging, moisturising and hydrating properties such as Moroccan argan oil and coffee BIO TAN results in a beautiful Brazilian bronze colour tones while replenishing your skin.• Cappuccino
• Mocha
• Espresso
Flash Tan Blue
Get a touch of the Mediterranean in less than 2 hours! Flash Tan Blue is a striking blend of violet and brown base tones that captures the exotic olive skin tones of the Mediterranean.• Medium
• Dark
• Extra Dark

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