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Tanning After Care

For the ultimate long lasting spray tan you must provide a perfect palette for our Spray Tanning specialist to apply the Spray Tan. By preparing your skin thoroughly you can obtain a flawless tan.


  • 2 days prior to your appointment begin exfoliating your skin with a loofa, exfoliating gloves and an exfoliating product, continue this each shower up until your appointment. Focus on your whole body, not forgetting dry areas like hands, knees, elbows and feet.
  • Continue daily moisturising to ensure your skin is not dry prior to you tan.
  • Any areas of your body that need to be waxed such as legs, arms schedule 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • If you need to shave ensure you exfoliate over the area, avoid shaving on the same day as your appointment.

Before Your tan

  • Ensure your skin is completely clean, no deodorant, moisturiser, makeup or products on your skin.
  • If you are not coming straight from a shower ensure you wipe down your skin with a warm cloth to remove natural oils such as sweat.
  • Ensure your have thoroughly exfoliated your body.
  • If you have not prepared your skin it will affect the result of the tan, leaving it uneven, darker in some areas and may not develop at all or last long.
  • Choose between 1hr, 2 hr, 5-7 hr or overnight tanning options according to your schedule.
  • Schedule your appointment booking at least the day before your event to ensure the colour has fully developed.

After your tan

  • Gently place baggy clothing such as a sarong on, preferably no straps or tight clothing.
  • Moisturise your hands regularly to prevent marks on your palms.
  • Have your schedule allow for your tan to develop.

Things to avoid during developing time

  • Sitting with crossed legs, or legs touching during the development time.
  • Wearing shoes (thongs are ok), tight clothing, such as singlets, office attire, bra etc.
  • Allowing your skin to get sweating.
  • Leaving the tan on longer than recommended.


  • Once you have had your first shower continue to moisturise twice daily until the colour begins to fade.
  • Hot showers, spas, chlorine will fade the colour.
  • Excessive sweating will naturally exfoliate the tan in some areas.

The goal is for your tan colour to fade and exfoliate off gentle, if your skin is dry and flaky to colour will begin to become patchy and darker in some areas, this can be avoided by moisturising your skin continuously during the first 5- 7 days. You can also hydrate your skin from the inside by drinking plenty of water!

Please follow the recommendations of Brazilian Hut for best results.