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Wellness Packages

We are thrilled to introduce wellness to our salons. Our newest services include the tri-wave Infrared Sauna (featuring Near Infrared light) and LED treatments delivering multi-wavelengths tailored to your skin condition through Blue, Red, and Near Infrared light.


Detoxify and rejuvenate your body with our Infrared Sauna Therapy, a gentle yet effective way to eliminate toxins and heavy metals. Our triwave Infrared Sauna offers multiple health benefits, including anti-aging effects, enhanced detoxification, improved immunity, heart health support, weight loss, better sleep, and deep relaxation. Scientifically proven benefits include cell regeneration, reduced body fat, pain relief, wound healing, collagen production, improved circulation, and muscle recovery.



Heart health


Muscle Recovery



Weight Loss


For skin concerns, our LED Phototherapy delivers visible radiance, rejuvenation, and refinement. This non-invasive treatment utilizes therapeutic light energy to trigger natural skin rejuvenation without pain or downtime. The LED therapy’s three wavelengths offer specific benefits: blue for acne and blemish-prone skin, red for collagen production and skin rejuvenation, and near-infrared for advanced skin benefits.

Combine the power of Infrared Sauna and LED treatments to maximize your wellness experience. We offer special packages providing access to multiple sessions of both sauna and LED facials. Experience the transformative effects on your well-being and skin by booking your session with us at Brazilian Hut. Discover a healthier, revitalized you today!


TreatmentsPricePrice per serviceSavingsExpiry
Sauna - Single 30 minute Session$45$45-One off
LED Therapy - Single 30 minute session$69$69-One off
Glow Duo - Sauna & LED (single of each)$98$49$16One off
Sauna - 5 sessions$200$40$251 month
Sauna - 10 sessions$350$35$1002 month
Sauna - 20 sessions$500$25$4003 month
LED Therapy - 3 Sessions$150$50$573 weeks
LED Therapy - 6 Sessions$240$40$1746 weeks
LED Therapy - 12 Sessions$420$35$4089 weeks
LED Therapy - 36 Sessions$900$25$15843 months
Combo Pack - 6x Sauna + 6x LED Therapy$400$33$2846 weeks