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Spray Tanning

Spray tans are a great way to boost your confidence by enhancing your natural colour, leaving you with radiance that will last for days. Our spray tanning specialists apply your tan in one of our beauty salons for a professional service with professional products to ensure best results. We use natural based solutions designed to provide you with an evenly covered, natural looking tan. For a bronzed tan for any occasion try our stocked brands – SunFX , Techno or Bondi Sands.

Rapid 2 – 4 Hour Tan
Left on for minimum 2 hours with a heavy bronzer to stain the skin. Must have well prepared skin, loose clothing. Bronze colour tones replenishing skin with argan oil and coffee extract.

Available in Light/Medium, Dark & Extra Dark.
30 Minute Tan
Ultra dark express tan that can be washed off after 30 minutes. Best suited to dark skin types and the longer it is left on, the darker it will go.
Longer Wear / Overnight
Tan can develop in 2 hours or can be left on longer. Dries in moments and develops quickly to reveal rich, natural looking tan.

Available in Light/Medium, Dark & Extra Dark.
5-7 Hour / Overnight
Tan can develop from 5-7 hours, left on longer or most popularly slept in overnight. Dries in moments and develops quickly to reveal rich chocolate looking tan.

Available in Light, Medium, Dark.
5 Pack (3 month expiry)$180.00
10 Pack (3 month expiry)$300.00