We’ve given waxing a much needed makeover. At The Brazilian Hut, your waxing experience is fast, professional, and reliable, with body waxing for men in Brisbane, including male Brazilian waxing available to give your body an entire makeover.

Offering a range of options for male waxing in Brisbane city, North Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast, our specialists will ensure a pleasant experience for you and your skin. We believe that feeling smooth and hair free should be for everyone who wants to flaunt their skin whenever they want.

We have had a lot of time to perfect everything we do and you couldn’t be in better hands!

While of course waxing is relatively painful, and no one wants to extend it any longer than it has to be, you’ll find that our experience professionals are expertly trained to reduce the pain and have you hair-free in no time!

We also only use the best products recommended by dermatologists, and have spent considerable time to perfect our waxing technique, especially for men’s body waxing. Brisbane is home to a number of our salons making it easy and convenient to visit us.

Rest assured that with a Brazilian Hut specialist, your service will be finished sooner than you can say ‘Rio De Janeiro’.

For male Brazilian waxing Brisbane city, Brisbane’s Northside or the Sunshine Coast, visit The Brazilian Hut.


Smooth, Hair Free

MALE WAXINGFirst Visit or after 6 weeksreturning within 6 weeks
Male Brazilian$68.00$63.00
Male Bikini$30.00
1/2 Leg$35.00
 Full Leg $45.00
 Chest $35.00
 Back $45.00
 Neck and Shoulders $20.00
 Arms $30.00
 Under Arms $15.00
Ears or Nostrils $10.00
 Brows $15.00

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