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VIP Memberships
Available for $99 per year.

What’s included:

  • Permanent VIP prices
  • Exclusive VIP members only offers
  • Complimentary Bondi Sands spray tan
  • Complimentary brow make over or chest wax
  • Complimentary ultra hydrating sheet mask
  • Valid for 12 months
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Women’s Waxing

VIPStandard4 Weekly
Female Brazilian$45.00$58.00$53.00
1/2 Leg Brazilian$60.00$67.00$63.00
1/2 Leg G-String$50.00$55.00$50.00
1/2 Leg Bikini$40.00$45.00$40.00
3/4 Leg Brazilian$70.00$77.00$75.00
3/4 Leg G-String$56.00$65.00$60.00
3/4 Leg Bikini$46.00$55.00$50.00
Full Leg Brazilian$75.00$87.00$83.00
Full Leg G-String$65.00$75.00$70.00
Full Leg Bikini$55.00$65.00$60.00
1/2 Leg$15.00$20.00
3/4 Leg$25.00$30.00
Full Leg$30.00$40.00
1/2 Arms$16.00$20.00
Full Arms$25.00$30.00
Under Arms$10.00$15.00
Brow Wax (Tidy)$12.00$15.00

Men’s Waxing

VIPStandard6 Weekly
Male Brazilian$55.00$68.00$63.00
Male Bikini / Tailbone$35.00$40.00
1/2 Leg$30.00$35.00
Full Leg$35.00$45.00$40.00
Under Arms$12.00$15.00
Ears & Nostrils$12.00$15.00

Spray Tanning

Rapid 2 – 4 Hour Tan
Left on for minimum 2 hours with a heavy bronzer to stain the skin. Must have well prepared skin, loose clothing. Bronze colour tones replenishing skin with argan oil and coffee extract.

Available in Light/Medium, Dark & Extra Dark.
30 Minute Tan
Ultra dark express tan that can be washed off after 30 minutes. Best suited to dark skin types and the longer it is left on, the darker it will go.
Longer Wear / Overnight
Tan can develop in 2 hours or can be left on longer. Dries in moments and develops quickly to reveal rich, natural looking tan.

Available in Light/Medium, Dark & Extra Dark.
5-7 Hour / Overnight
Tan can develop from 5-7 hours, left on longer or most popularly slept in overnight. Dries in moments and develops quickly to reveal rich chocolate looking tan.

Available in Light, Medium, Dark.

Brows & Lashes

Brow Tidy
Monthly maintenance to keep your brow shape in check. Does not include a re-shape.
Brow Re-shape
Create definition for your brows
Brow Tint
Tint your brows for definition or added colour.
Brow Dye
Bronsun tint evenly dyes the skin and hair. Lasts up to 7 days on skin, 7 weeks on hairs.
Brow Makeover
Eye brow wax + shape & eye brow. tint
Brow & Lash Tinting
Combine brow and lash tinting.
Perfect Makeover
Eye brow wax + tint + lash tint.
Henna Brow Mayamy$40.00$50.00
Henna Brow Ellebana$40.00$50.00
Henna Brow Xenna$45.00$55.00
Lash Lift
Luscious lifted lashes Lasts for weeks + Lash tint for $20.
Lash Tinting
Define your eyes with lash tint.


Express Refresh Facial
Duration: 30 minutes
Signature Facial
Duration: 1 hour
Deep Cleansing Facial
Duration: 45 minutes
Alginate Masque
Duration: 15 minutes